Maintain a fur-midable bond with the Moggie cat health tracker 😻

Track your cat’s activity with the ultimate smart device, and receive their health updates directly to your phone wherever you are. Peace of mind for you, daily protection for them.


Cat’s are notoriously good at two things; doing their own thing, and hiding their illnesses 🐱🌡

Constantly monitoring your furry friend can be difficult no matter if you’re away or at home. As a result, the subtle changes in their behaviour we might’ve missed can end up turning into serious illness.

Become a beta tester

The purr-fect companion

The seamless device attaches to your cat’s existing collar to track their activity 24/7 and translate into helpful updates that are sent to your phone. Comfortable for them, convenient for you

3 month battery life
Lightweight device (7g)
Adaptable to their collar
  • 24/7 monitoring of cat’s health for longer and better quality of life

  • Simple insights on cat’s activity straight to your phone

  • Peace of mind about your cat’s wellbeing whilst you’re away

  • "While Sarah’s away for a weekend in Paris, she can keep an eye on her tabby cat by receiving general activity updates from Moggie"

  • “I’ve always struggled to spot symptoms early in my cat which meant she’d end up quite unwell; not only did I feel super guilty, but the vet bills would be expensive. Now, I can detect anomalies early on with Moggie and stop any illness progressing!”

  • “I recently took my indoor cat outdoors for the first time, and I noticed she was quite anxious. With Moggie, I was able to track and store these changes in my cat’s behaviour and send the data to my vet, so they could help me make sure she’s as happy as possible outside.”

  • Become a beta tester
    • Pair your devices

      Pair the collar, base station and smartphone app together so they are connected and synchronised

    • Attach the smart collar

      Attach our lightweight device clips safely to your cat’s regular collar with velcro - Moggie will start collecting data

    • Receive accurate insights

      From your app, access the health-data dashboard and receive messages from your cat on any updates in behaviour or activity

    • Understand your cat better

      Keep up-to-date and even share the data with your vet, so your kitty can have a longer, better quality of life

    Cat communication made paw-sible with AI 😺

    Using AI technology, receive frequent cat chats from your furry friend customized to your cat’s own “catitude”. At a glance, you’ll have the latest health and activity updates quickly and easily for peace of mind.

    Moggie has the vet seal of approval 👩🏽‍⚕️

    “There is a huge need for devices like Moggie to track cat’s health. Although it’s not a diagnostic tool, Moggie is able to help cat owners detect symptoms much more quickly and easily, allowing them to seek veterinary care more proactively. With Moggie, I can receive the cat’s full behaviour history, allowing me to pull accurate, data-backed insights that will help make informed decisions on the cat’s health.” 

    Dr. Paola Blas, Veterinary