Cat care reinvented

Smart  collar  and  mobile  app  help  to  provide  better  care  for  your  cat


What is Moggie?

Moggie is a smart collar, that watches your cat activity throughout the day and a free app that helps you take better care of your fluffy friend.


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What, when and how

When used together, the app and the collar help you make informed decisions about your cat’s wellbeing.



    Your cat looks awesome. The truth is you have no idea how she feels.


Be informed

If your cat is becoming abnormal, the collar will know. The cat couldn’t explain that, but the app will alert you.

Learn tips and tricks

You don’t need a veterinarian for your cat’s every sneeze. Get the tailored vet tips to take a better care of your cat.

Know how your cat spends her days

We taught our collar to recognise cat’s movements. It’s easy to tell when she is sleeping, playing or walking around.
The Mobile App is able to compare this data with the cats’ behaviour of different breeds and ages. So you’ll be able to tell if your cat sleeps just “a lot” or “too much”.



    2 weeks battery life

    The detachable device with magnetic charger makes the charging process easy. You don’t need to disturb the cat and take the smart collar off.


Cat in front of your eyes anytime, anywhere.

Imagine, anytime when you check this app, it’s as if asking a veterinarian about your cat’s health.
Get recommendations

Tailored vet tips for a better care. Enter your pet’s data and we’ll advise you what to do.


…and reminders…

Don’t keep in mind home routines. Grooming sessions, bathing, taking care of ears… Are you forgetting anything?

…for all of your cats

You’ll especially appreciate it if you have more than one cat. Treat all of them regally.


Start using the Mobile App now and supplement it with the Smart collar later.

We have launched the Mobile app in iOS App store. Be one of the first users to get news about updates to our app and collar.

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