May 14, 2017

Moggie vet’s advice: take a second to check your cat’s nose

If you’ve watched a lot of feature films about the vets, you’ve probably noticed they touch the pet’s noses first of all. It is actually a really important sign of the pet’s health, and it is a good idea to check your cat’s nose every day. It’ll take you about a second.

Put your cat on your lap and touch her nose. The cat’s nose normally should feel slightly wet and cool. If the cat has just slept it can be a little dry, but it should become wet again in a little time. If the nose remains dry and you notice any other symptoms (even the harmless apathy and drowsiness) it could mean the cat got sick.

The nose should not be swollen. It shouldn’t hurt when you touch it. If you notice an unusual reaction, pay additional attention to your cat’s nose, it’s symmetry and color. Cats normally have different colors of the noses, so the rule of a thumb here would be to compare the current color to what was the day or the week before.

Another thing you’ll notice easily is the secretion – there shouldn’t be any, and the cat shouldn’t sneeze too often. It’s especially alarming if your cat hasn’t been properly vaccinated yet.

In case you feel suspicious about your cat’s nose, it is better to contact your vet. Dry and hot nose usually means the cat has a fever, which is a sign of an infection. Keep in mind, that your cat could be contagious so it will be a good idea to invite a vet to your place or to schedule your appointment carefully (not to meet any other cats in the waiting room).

Combine this nose-checking routine with checking your cat’s eyes and ears. The main point here is to notice any changes as early as possible – the sooner you find out what’s wrong, the sooner your cat gets well.


  • Cathyxc, May 17, 2017 Reply

    What if the cat also has dried boogers that are black?

    • Alena krotuk, May 18, 2017 Reply

      Usually, it would be just dust mixed with the normal secretion of the cat's nose. If your cat doesn't sneeze or cough, if she breathes normally - it's most likely the ordinary dust. However, if your cat shows any other signs of sickness it would be reasonable to see your vet. In the case of the ordinary dirt, you can simply clean your cat's nose.

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