July 5, 2017

Moggie vet’s advice: protect your furniture from being scratched

Anticipating the new season of the “Game of Thrones”, we suddenly decided that George Martin must have had a huge trouble trying to make his cat scratch only certain pieces of the furniture. That must have resulted in the idea of the Iron Throne, invulnerable to the cat activities.

Unless all your furniture is decorated with swords, you may have experienced some little misunderstandings with your cat about where it is appropriate to sharpen her claws. It’s a natural behavior, as the cats rely a lot on the sharpness of their nails. It’s their weapon of attack and protection, their means of climbing vertical surfaces, and many more. So the kitty aims to keep them as sharp as possible.

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While the environment has changed greatly and she doesn’t have to hunt for dinner (as it comes packed in little foil bags), she still tries to keep them really sharp, which leads to ruining your couch.

You can’t stop your cat from following her instincts. Instead, we offer you try one of the ways to reduce the furniture damage.

Trimming the nails

You can get your cat familiar with the manicure procedure. The main thing you should know about it is that the cats have veins in their claws, and if you cut a millimeter more than you should, the cat will bleed. If you trim your cat’s nails, always cut as little as possible – it’s much better to repeat the procedure more often than to hurt your cat once.

Remember, you shouldn’t trim the claws of your fluffy friend if she walks outside – what if she happens to have a conflict with your neighbor’s poodle?

Smart furniture substitutions

Another way to save your couch is to get your cat accustomed to the scratchers. Buy one and put your cat in front of it whenever she tries to sharpen her claws on your couch. Encourage your cat every time she uses the scratcher.

There are a few scratchers options. They could be horizontal, vertical, they could be attached to corners. However when you choose one, don’t be tempted to buy cat stations intended for both rest and scratching – some cats just won’t use both options at the same location. Scratching+playing station should be ok though.

We hope sincerely that you and your fluffy friend will be able to find a solution that suits both of you.






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