March 22, 2017

Moggie vet’s advice: Grow some grass for your indoor cat

You may have noticed that cats sometimes behave oddly and eat plain grass. They didn’t go crazy, and they didn’t go vegan – they do it for a reason. Leaves of the grass help them clean their intestine.


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When cats groom themselves they swallow some of their hair unintentionally. One of the safest and most natural ways of cleaning the stomach and the intestine is consuming the grass. Cats often vomit after consuming such a salad, but there is nothing to worry about – they just get rid of the nasty hair in their stomach. And they also get some nutrients from the grass juice (like folic acid), so it’s not just a cleanser.

You can buy a special grass-seeds mixture in a pet store, or you can use some turf grass seeds for this purpose just as well. Usually the pet grass seeds mixture include wild cereals like bluegrass and fescue but you can also use oats or wheat for this purpose – they’ll work just as well.

  1. Take a flat wide container, not too deep (even 3 inches will do the job)
  2. Fill the container with some peat or potting soil. It is not a good idea to use garden soil for this purpose as you can bring parasites in.
  3. Water the peat – it should be damp but it shouldn’t be drowning.
  4. Sow the seeds spreading them evenly on the peat surface.
  5. Add a thin layer of peat to cover the seeds (a quarter of an inch would be enough).
  6. Cover the container with a thin film (but not too tightly!) and leave it in a warm place for 2-3 days. A windowsill would be great. Depending on the seeds, the temperature and the sunlight it may take more or less than a couple of days. But we strongly advise you not to offer the salad to your fluffy friend right away – let the sprouts grow to be at least 1 inch tall. Otherwise the cat will just ruin all the pasture.

Interestingly, when hairless cats like sphynxes live in a company of longhair cats they also need a salad once in a while.


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