May 30, 2017

Moggie vet’s advice: get your cat to the vet with less stress

While in the mood for ugly rhyming, we’ve decided to get you acquainted with a few rules that will help you in getting your cat to the veterinary’s office next time. Going to the vet is much more common than newbie cat owners may imagine. Vaccinations, regular health check, neutering – even if your cat gets no emergencies or health issues you will see your vet quite often. However, your cat most likely is not going to love it.

Choose a nice cat carrier.

Size: It should be large enough for your cat to feel comfortable inside.

Fabric: You won’t avoid stains, so prefer plastic or stainproof fabric over anything cozy and fluffy. If the surface seems to be too rigid inside, line it with a washable cloth.

Sides: If you plan to travel with your cat often, you will probably purchase a soft cat carrier. It is strongly recommended that you also get a cat carrier with rigid sides to use for transportation to the vet office.

Get your cat accustomed to the transportation

Show the carrier to your cat long before you really need to go anywhere. Let your cat play around it, maybe even put some treats inside for her. When the cat seems to befriend the carrier, put your pet inside and go for a walk or even for a ride. If the cat is well familiar with the transportation, she will experience less anxiety during your visits to the vet.

Choose a vet clinic carefully

Not only the vet should be as gentle as possible, but the waiting room should be convenient too. If you happen to wait for a long time accompanied by dogs or sneezing cats, it’s not a good way to go. Waiting adds to the cat’s overall stress, so whenever possible pick a clinic where you won’t have to make your cat even more anxious.

We sincerely hope you will only have to visit your vet at rare occasions of vaccinations and regular health check.


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