March 15, 2017

Moggie vet’s advice: check your cat’s eyes. Now.

Eyes problems are easy to notice, and a 5-second procedure can help you avoid serious problems with your cat’s eyes.

So now go, find your fluffy purring creature and look her straight into the eyes. And here’s the list of the questions you need to answer.

Photo by Antonio Lapa

1. Are they perfectly symmetric?

Any change of shape or color is a signal something went wrong.

2. Is there any yellow or orange tint?

If there is, it may be caused by the liver problems.

3. Do the eyes seem darker than last week?

If they suddenly became darker, it may mean inflammation or even bleeding.

4. Does your cat seem to be crying?

There shouldn’t be too much secretion if the cat is healthy.

If you have a Persian cat, she may experience problems with her tear ducts. It is not a problem usually, but be prepared to wash her eyes with soft cotton pad from time to time.

Add a weekly reminder to your calendar not to forget to check your cat’s eyes next week. As soon as you get our free Moggie app it’ll remember this for you.



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