January 11, 2017

Moggie Cat News Digest

We’ve surfed through the cat-world news and picked three curious ones for your attention.

Top cats in literature
Cheshire cat

Photo by Getty Images

We believe the list is terribly incomplete, one can’t stop at number five. But Cheshire Cat and Behemoth would surely be on the top of our list too.

Read more about top cats in literature.

Pet cat and pet fish

The Katzenworld blog dives into the problem of whether it is possible to keep your cat away from fishing in a bowl with your goldfish. The answer is no, but if you insist on keeping both pets – make the bowl cat-proof.

Some pure gold advice about keeping (live!) goldfish and cats

“Cats” come to Dubai

Should you happen to be in Dubai in January, you have a chance to visit a celebrated “Cats” musical in the newly built Dubai Opera.

Original article here.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on the cat news for you.


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