May 2, 2017

House plants and the cat

Cats are the sort of friends who don’t always respect the boundaries. For some reason, quite frequently they step on your pillow, they steal meat from the table and they even pee on your shoes. They also tend to damage the house plants in different ways. If you are a fan of both, houseplants and cats, you will have to make a few corrections into your habits.

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Remove the poisonous plants

The first and the main thing is that you shouldn’t keep any poisonous plants at home when you get a kitten. Even though they will probably have a terrible taste your cat will still try to chew a few leaves which may end in the vet’s office. The detailed list of the poisonous plants can be found on the ASPCA website.

Hide the plants whenever possible

After you’ve left only the safe plants that are pleasing to the eye and are still appealing to your cat, try removing them from the cat’s access. There are flower pots that can be hung on the walls – you can try them. This method won’t work if your cat has access to the tall wardrobes and bookcases in the nearby – she will simply jump from them, ruining the plant and bringing much mess into the room.

Grow alternatives

If your cat doesn’t have an access to the fresh green grass it may also make her crave the house plants. If that is the case, you can simply follow the advice from our blog and arrange a little pasture for your pet. But if you’ve already grown the grass for her and she still hunts for begonias, you can try scaring her off.

Scare the cat away

Unfortunately, most of our readers will come to this point.

Use something rustling on the surface around the plant – that cat will probably be scared of the noise. There are even special traps available in the pet stores – they make a horrible noise or blow some pressured air on the cat every time she approaches the plant. Make the cat think that this piece of an interior is extremely unwelcome.

Never punish the cat

In fact, this will only make things worse – whether you spank or sprinkle water. She will never link your actions to the fact she chewed some chlorophytum. What she’ll think is that you’re unpredictable and aggressive human that should never be trusted. And she’ll perfectly damage your precious plants as soon as you get out of her sight.



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