January 18, 2017

Guilty. Top 3 cat videos that made us smile this week

While our team may seem to you a bit too serious sometimes, we’re also guilty of procrastinating with cat videos. This week we’ve decided to confess it and to share the three videos that impressed us somehow.

“All of the models are self-cleaning and compatible with Windows”

You don’t need enormous budgets and Hollywood stars to shoot a great commercial for a cat shelter. This video went viral and brought 25% more adoptions than expected.

We believe the honesty and good sense of humour is the key here. And of course “M” for “Marketing” 🙂

Cat/baby lifehack

If you don’t want the water to get into your pet’s ears – just use the baby soft silicon water screen.

Motion sickness pills anybody?

This video was made to advertise the video game, but we believe it could be used far more widely for increasing motion sickness pills sales and intoxication diagnosis. We only regret the kitty doesn’t wear a Moggie collar, we’d love to see the tracking data.



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