Meet the Moggie Collar 

The collar watches your cat when you can’t

Our collar understands your cat’s moves, activities and environment. Is he running? Sleeping? OMG, is he falling down from the rooftop?

The collar shares the knowledge with the app

Jackie climbed the trees, ate your neighbor’s parrot and played with a stuffed toy today.
You didn’t see that all, but the collar has told the app how active your cat was. So now you know.

Trendy and stylish

Your cat can’t tell you, but she wants a collar that flatters her fluffy little muzzle. We’ve thought of it in advance.
  • Safe. Light Weight. Waterproof

Detachable device

You don’t need to confuse or disturb your cat by getting the collar off for recharge
It’s safe

Your cat could get into an unequal fight with a tree branch or a fence. Should this happen, the collar will unfasten automatically.

It’s lightweight

Your fluffy lord can continue chasing the ribbons without even noticing the collar on the neck.

It’s waterproof

For no particular reason, but we thought – hey, why not? Jokes apart – it’s not afraid of rain or occasional immersions, like when your cat drinks the tap water.

  • 2 weeks battery life

    Even if your cat went on a spring concert tour into the neighborhood, you will still get the insights about his health.