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March 15, 2017

Moggie vet’s advice: check your cat’s eyes. Now.

Eyes problems are easy to notice, and a 5-second procedure can help you avoid serious problems with your cat’s eyes.

So now go, find your fluffy purring creature and look her straight into the eyes. And here’s the list of the questions you need to answer.

Photo by Antonio Lapa

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January 28, 2017

Persian Cats – Gorgeous and Dignified

Imagine a luxurious palace interior ornamented with gold and ivory. And imagine a well-groomed cat that walks slowly towards the couch covered with purple velvet. Chances are high you have just imagined a Persian cat, in all her prideful glory.

Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds in UK and US. These cats are easy to recognize – they have a round face and a short muzzle. But the main thing everyone knows about them is they are really long-haired pets. They are deemed to be calm, quiet and easily adaptive.

But due to the breed peculiarities, these cats require additional care. If you plan on getting one, be ready to check her eyes every now and then and to watch the nutrition carefully (industrially made food may not be good for Persian cats because of the possible urinary tract problems). But what is going to be really a time-consuming routine is the grooming. We’ve addressed the Persian Cats community on Facebook and one of the admins, Aima, was very kind to tell us about her pets.

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January 18, 2017

Guilty. Top 3 cat videos that made us smile this week

While our team may seem to you a bit too serious sometimes, we’re also guilty of procrastinating with cat videos. This week we’ve decided to confess it and to share the three videos that impressed us somehow.

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January 14, 2017

The softest fur and the sweetest character ever

There’s plenty of information online about how to take care of cats of different breeds. It’s usually brought to us by professional breeders and their recommendations may include more details than we’d wish them to. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’ve decided to interview someone who is just a cat lover, like us. This time we’ve decided to learn, how easy it is to take care of a Rex cat.

If you are fond of Rex cats, you are probably a member of a Rex-cats club on Facebook. We’ve reached out the Devon Rex fans – the DevonZone – and have asked them a couple of questions about their pets. Joy, a dedicated cat-lover has agreed to answer a few of our questions and to get us acquainted with super-lovely cats.

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January 11, 2017

Moggie Cat News Digest

We’ve surfed through the cat-world news and picked three curious ones for your attention.

Top cats in literature
Cheshire cat

Photo by Getty Images

We believe the list is terribly incomplete, one can’t stop at number five. But Cheshire Cat and Behemoth would surely be on the top of our list too.

Read more about top cats in literature.

Pet cat and pet fish

The Katzenworld blog dives into the problem of whether it is possible to keep your cat away from fishing in a bowl with your goldfish. The answer is no, but if you insist on keeping both pets – make the bowl cat-proof.

Some pure gold advice about keeping (live!) goldfish and cats

“Cats” come to Dubai

Should you happen to be in Dubai in January, you have a chance to visit a celebrated “Cats” musical in the newly built Dubai Opera.

Original article here.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on the cat news for you.

January 4, 2017

One of the ways NOT to get your cat blind

If your cat ever gets blind there are chances you won’t even notice it right away. Cats are very smart animals and they have a good memory. They could get from place A to place B with their eyes closed. Their memory, together with other senses (smell, hearing, touch, balance) give them the ability to behave almost as normal cats even when their vision is not 100% healthy. A blind cat can still remember perfectly how to get on the sofa or how much she has to jump up to breathe some fresh air from your window.

Your cat’s eyesight largely depends on nutrition. Photo by Animalblog

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December 26, 2016

7 tips on reading cat emotions like a pro

“Honey, it’s about your cat… She acts weird. She looks fluffier than before, and she waves her tail… Shall I comfort her on my lap?”

Yes, this is the moment you cry “Noooo! Run!”. Cats can’t talk, but they have plenty of ways to speak to us with their body language. Reading cat emotions will not save your life or make you a respected person, but it will let you understand your pet companion better. In fact, cats are a lot like people – they can be moody too.

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