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January 4, 2017

One of the ways NOT to get your cat blind

If your cat ever gets blind there are chances you won’t even notice it right away. Cats are very smart animals and they have a good memory. They could get from place A to place B with their eyes closed. Their memory, together with other senses (smell, hearing, touch, balance) give them the ability to behave almost as normal cats even when their vision is not 100% healthy. A blind cat can still remember perfectly how to get on the sofa or how much she has to jump up to breathe some fresh air from your window.

Your cat’s eyesight largely depends on nutrition. Photo by Animalblog

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December 26, 2016

7 tips on reading cat emotions like a pro

“Honey, it’s about your cat… She acts weird. She looks fluffier than before, and she waves her tail… Shall I comfort her on my lap?”

Yes, this is the moment you cry “Noooo! Run!”. Cats can’t talk, but they have plenty of ways to speak to us with their body language. Reading cat emotions will not save your life or make you a respected person, but it will let you understand your pet companion better. In fact, cats are a lot like people – they can be moody too.

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