Moggie App is now available for download in iOS App Store.

Remembers and reminds

The app keeps the boring yet important information like the vaccinations and deworm and reminds you about the home vet routines when it’s time.

Works with the smart collar

When used with the collar, the app knows how your cat spent her day. Has she slept enough? Has she played? Has she tried to catch a fly on the curtain?

Warns if things go wrong

The app checks the data from the collar all the time and compares it to normal patterns. If anything could possibly go wrong, the app alerts you so that you can see your vet asap.
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Gives tailored vet recommendations

Based on the data you have entered the app will talk to you about your cat.

Keeps all owners informed

Share caring about your precious cat with your spouse/roommate/family.

Looks after all your cats

If you have more than one, you’ll get tailored recommendations for each of them.

Helps you become more caring and responsible

You will know exactly what your cat needs without any guessing.
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